Rachel's Grove Dress Boutique

About Us

With the name inspired by their Florida roots, Rachel's Grove was started by sisters Rachel Forst and Leslie Barnes-Young, and daughters Justin O'Flaherty and Erin O'Flaherty. Their shared experiences as successful professionals and their shared love of designer fashion led them to open a women’s clothing boutique.

Rachel’s Grove was inspired by and for women who want to express their style through unique, hand-selected, designer fashion. Women deserve to express their style by wearing the pieces they want at any age, without the fear of having the same outfits as others or clothes not fitting correctly. No matter the occasion, whether it is in the office, a volunteer event, bridal shower, date night, or an evening out with friends, Rachel’s Grove’s joy is in providing exclusive fashion for women to look amazing and feel confident.

For a connection that goes beyond style, visit Rachel’s Grove in Chesterfield, MO to meet Rachel herself. For a personalized style consultation, Rachel and her staff members can help you select designer pieces that are perfect for your wardrobe or special occasion.

We hope that your time in Rachel’s Grove will be warm and wonderful.

Grove. [grohv]. noun. 

A small collection of hand-picked designs for the woman who is one of a kind.