Rachel's Grove Dress Boutique


We have admired Brighton Collectibles for many years! We feel a special connection to Brighton; Just like Rachel's Grove, Brighton focuses on the overall customer exprience and relationship while providing exceptional quality. With a range of accessories from head to toe, Brighton Collectibles are known for their detail and touch of charm in every piece. Each idea starts as a hand-drawn sketch before coming to life in the store. We hope you enjoy the timeless elegance of Brighton Collectibles and are thrilled to welcome them to the Rachel's Grove family of collections.


At Rachel's Grove, we strive to carry designers you will love. Want more information on Brighton designs? Contact us today or call us at 636-536-5140. We look forward to speaking with you! 

Why Brighton?

"I have loved Brighton for years - long before Rachel's Grove opened. I have bonded with my mother and sister over our shared love of Brighton, and it only seems right to continue that love in welcoming the collection to Rachel's Grove! Brighton Collections are timeless pieces that you will wear forever!"