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"Invisible" Underwear, Slips, & Shapewear

Combining luxury fabrics with flawless fits, commando founder Kerry O'Brien aims to make every woman look and feel fantastic. The staple line of functional undergarments made to eliminate fashion faux pas work their magic "behind the scenes," serving as the foundation to every woman's wardrobe. Commando has truly covered all of the bases in its "better than nothing" fashions, from bottoms and tops to slips and shapewear. Pretty soon, you'll wonder how you ever got dressed without going commando.

The New York Times recently reported on celebrities going commando at the 2015 Oscars. Read the article here and discover why we are so thrilled to carry this line of undergarments suitable for the stars. 

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Why Commando?

"Commando undergarments are the most comfortable underwear we have worn in years! Not only do they smooth our bodies, but they look good too, with no unsightly lines or gouges. Besides the catchy names (who doesn’t love to 'go commando' while still being smoothed and slimmed, or wearing 'Low Beams,' since headlights are for cars?!), we love the look and feel of the entire line."